Getting Started

Getting Started

In 2017, I decided I wanted to pick up a camera and make a video mowing my lawn. The goal of this video was to hopefully be a start on a journey of documenting how I take care of my lawn. After that video and after catching some flack from people about filming myself mowing grass, I reluctantly put the camera back on the shelf for it to collect dust for a couple years.


Fast forward two years later and I finally decided to pick the camera back up and go at the lawn care videos head on no matter what others might say. Looking back on those earlier videos, it is clear to see how far I have come, not only in how comfortable I am in front of the camera, but also in some of the practices I put into place when taking care of my patch of grass.


I want to say thank you for following along on this journey with me and I am so excited for the continual growth of this YouTube channel and look forward to what the future has in store!



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