Teejet Quick Connect Sprayer Nozzle Assembly

Teejet Quick Connect Sprayer Nozzle Assembly

I've gotten so many questions on the nozzle assembly I use on my sprayers that I decided to make a post about it so I can send people here when I get asked, much easier this way.


Below I will outline the two setups and when to use them. I absolutely love spraying with these two tips and I know you will too. All parts will be linked.


The entire set up of each of these is the exact same, with just the tip being different. That's right, just the tip. You will need a quick connect handle, such as the one that comes on the FlowZone Storm, Cyclone, or Typhoon, or the one that comes with this My4Sons bundle.


 First off, we are using two different nozzles here:

1. TeeJet AI11004-VS 110 Degree Air Induction Flat Spray Tip - Red

  • Heavier droplets of water that get down to the soil easier
  • Use this for soil applications (liquid fertilizer, humic acid, micronutrients, etc.)

2. TeeJet XR11004VS Extended Range Spray Tip, 0.18-0.37 GPM, 30-60 psi, Stainless Steel - Red

  • Fine mist spray
  • Use for things that need to sit on the grass blades (weed control, liquid iron, etc.)

The rest of our assembly is just an elbow, a strainer, a nut, and a quick connect attachment. I recommend buying one of each of the above nozzles, and two of each of the below components, that way you can assemble two different nozzles and easily switch them out when needed:

General Pump Quick Coupler Female Plug — 1/4in. Inlet, 5000 PSI, Stainless Steel, Model# ND10076P. This stainless steel quick coupler is high quality and provides quick connections.

1/4" 45 degree nozzle body adapter

This 1/4" 45 degree adapter is ideal for use with FullJet, FloodJet and Turbo FloodJet nozzles


Nylon Teejet Cap
TeeJet’s cap design is offered in nylon construction and completes the spray nozzle assembly.


This strainer helps filter out particles so that the nozzle does not get clogged.


The parts will assemble like the below pictures. I hope this helps! Get your spray on!


  • Jacob

    Thanks for the information!!

  • Robert Pettit

    I’m having difficulty making the tip strainer and tip work. The strainer I ordered using the link and part # does not allow the tip to insert into the strainer. Are you using a strainer with or without a check valve? The strainer I received from Sprayer Supplies has a small cross bar over the check valve where your picture shows a clear opening. Any guidance or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • The_Viking

    Do you have a suggestion for an extension wand to use with this setup? I have a sprayer handle that accepts a quick connect. Thanks so much!

  • Benjamin E Ott

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  • Tom

    Thanks for the info! can’t wait to use it

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