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Just like you need calcium for your bones, your turf needs calcium as well for internal strength. Cal-Tide will improve overall nutrient availability and strengthen cell walls within the plant to help your turf fight off stress. Plants need calcium for cell wall development and growth. When pathogens attack plants with weak cell walls, a stronger cell wall structure will help combat this. 


This would be a great product to mix in with your pre emergent and micros for the first application of the year.

Cal-Tide 1-0-1 is intended to fill in the gap when a lawn care program lacks liquid calcium. So many times, calcium is left out of basic lawn care maintenance. I consider calcium to be just as important as NPK nutrients.

What makes Cal-Tide unique is that Calcium Glucoheptonate is a fully chelated, stable, low salt index calcium source.  Glucoheptonate chelates are biodegradable and naturally derived. They contain natural sugars that help products adhere to the leaves which makes these complex nutrient sources particularly effective as foliar sprays.  Also, being fully chelated, calcium glucoheptonate is stable with soil phosphorous and micronutrients without causing insoluble precipitates to form preserving the availability of nutrients within the soil. Whether applying foliar or as a soil drench, calcium glucoheptonate is one of the best nutrient sources to ensure availability to the plant.

Calcium specifically has been shown to increase the visual turfgrass quality through periods of stress.

  • Calcium is essential for all plants
  • Calcium’s primary function is to provide structural support to cell walls
  • Calcium is an essential element needed for the growth and development of turf under both non-stressed and stress conditions.
  • Calcium aids in the uptake and movement of other nutrients around the plant.
  • Calcium has the ability to break down the bulk density of the soil, therefore, helping to relieve compaction.
  • Calcium aids in proper cell division and overall plant vigor.
  • Improves water and oxygen penetration into and through the soil
  • Enhances the value of the organic matter in the soil
  • Calcium also encourages good respiration especially in periods of high heat and humidity.
  • Assists in moving harmful salts through the soil
  • Calcium acts as a barrier between a plant's cells and pathogens like viruses and bacteria.