Sanctuary 11-21-21 + Micronutrients

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I am really excited to introduce you to this product. This has been used on golf courses for a long time and up until now has only been available to golf courses and professionals.

I don’t want you to get hung up on the NPK analysis here, as we are not necessarily using this as a fertilizer and this won’t be pushing a lot of top growth. It will help with color though. Our main concern is the goodies in here. This thing is packed with micronutrients and bacteria, all things that are going to be great for our soil.

This is a water soluble organic product that contains beneficial bacteria and other non nutritional ingredients:

Micros - All of the micros necessary for a healthy patch of grass. 

Carbohydrates - feed the bacteria and microbes in the soil and enhance nutrient delivery and plant health. 

Yucca - It has yucca in it! Yucca is used all the time by itself as a wetting agent. What that means is it will help water and nutrients penetrate (Yes I said penetrate) the surface and get down to the soil easier. 

Yeast - Microorganism that can help with decomposition of waste aka thatch


Other benefits of using Sanctuary:

-provides nutrients that promote rooting and healthier grass

-helps with nitrogen intake and deeper green color

-stimulates beneficial microbes that enhance nutrient availability and nutrient uptake

-organic wetting agent that improves water and nutrient infiltration

-microorganisms that help naturally fight bad fungus that can lead to lawn disease


Overall, this is a very solid product to add into your lawn care routine. The application rate is one scoop per 1,000 square feet. This one 4lb pouch covers 40,000 square feet. That's only $1.75 per 1,000 square feet for everything you get in this pouch, that's a smokin' deal! 

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