YM 7-0-20 Stress Blend (with Bio-Nite™) - Granular Lawn Fertilizer

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Stress Blend was actually the "breakout star" fertilizer of 2020. We released this blend last year by sending it out to several of our partners to try and the results were even greater than imagined. So much so that we publicly released it to our customers in smaller bags and got awesome feedback. Now we have it in 45lb bags that cover 15,000 sq ft.

It's great fert for sure, but the color pop that we see from it is beyond our expectations.

Maybe it's the amount of potassium releasing nutrients somehow, or maybe it's the 3% iron or both.

Surely it can't be the 7% nitrogen because all 7% is slow release so while that does bring some color at that low amount it shouldn't be producing the results it does.

Either way, this combination has greened up lawns from Bermuda to St Augustine and Zoysia and dozens of cool season lawns too.

It's also excellent for Centipede since you don't want to push it too much, you could use this almost year round on your Centipede lawn and be in good shape.

What's Great About Stress Blend? 

1) As mentioned earlier, all of the N is slow release so it will feed a stressed lawn but not kick it in the face. 

2) And we almost forgot, it's fortified with Bio-Nite! Bio-Nite is an all natural bio-solid; the same thing as Milorganite but instead of being mined from the bowels of Milwaukee, Bio-Nite comes from South Florida. Smells like massive success which lets you know it's working. Bio-Nite being all natural also means it feeds the soil when you apply, nice! So with Stress Blend you get the best of the Milo along with a whole heaping helping of other nutrients.

3) The high potash is awesome for a stressed lawn as potash helps with water uptake and retention. Think about when you're sick: you want to stay hydrated first and foremost and it's the same for the lawn. When it's stressed it has to stay hydrated and potash helps with that by keeping cells turgid. (full of water) 

4) Iron is there to give you some color response on top. It's 3% iron which if you look at a lot of lawn fertilizers sold in stores, they may have no iron or if they do it's 1.5% or less.

5) Stress Blend also has a stack of micronutrients lawns need including magnesium, boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. 

Keep in mind, a lawn that is "under stress" may not show it. Sure, if you have a lawn that is diseased and brown all over, this fert will help it recover, but what if you have a Kentucky Bluegrass lawn that is going fine but getting hammered by high heat in summer. It may not show it but still could use the help.

Best times to use Stress Blend:

Really, anytime you want a surprising green response without causing a massive flush of growth, Stress Blend is a smart choice. But more specifically, for warm season turf this is a great early spring app as your lawn is waking up slowly Warm season lawns always seem to wake slowly and it's not a good idea of bang them with too much Nitrogen when they are awakening from winter slumber.  And then again apply Stress Blend in fall as the lawn is heading into the winter. 

Cool season turf, this is your go-to late spring and summer fertilizer, hands down. Combine this with a shot of Hydretain and you will have a much better summer for sure. You can also make it your winterizer application as more and more studies are finding that high potash is great for a winterizer. 

Spreader Settings:

Because this is a DIY product, the prills are formulated to flow easily and consistently even through cheaper spreaders. We include spreader settings on every bag for Scotts spreaders, Earthway and the Echo RB 60 as well as Lesco.

Recommended application rate is 3lbs/1,000 sq ft. That should be all you need. Apply every 30 days as needed and be sure to water the application in after you apply with 1/4" or rainfall or irrigation.

Yard Mastery has partnered with Sunniland to produce these blends for us which guarantees a consistent product that is properly formulated and delivers the results you expect.

More Information 

Analysis: 7-0-20

  • 45 lb bag covers 15,000 sq ft
  • Application Rate: 3lbs/1000 sq ft

Cool Season Lawns - Bluegrass, Fescue, Ryegrass (Best Application Summer and Late Fall)

Warm Season Lawns - Bermuda, St Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede, Bahia (Best Application Early Spring, Summer and Late Fall)

Application Instructions:

Application rate is 3 lbs of product per 1,000 sq ft of lawn area. Apply to a dry lawn, sweep excess off sidewalks and driveways to avoid staining. Application should be watered in within 48 hours with ¼” or rainfall or irrigation.