DAB Bio-Stimulant with Humic Acid and Molasses 1 Gallon

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There are so many benefits to using humic acid and molasses in your lawn care program that this is now a staple in mine. I am so excited to bring you all this product.

I have been using humic acid for the past few years and love the results I’ve gotten. My biggest hang up was the cost. I also wanted a product with all the benefits of the molasses and increasing root mass spiked in there. So, I set out to find a way to bring you guys a much better bang for your buck in a product that will give you great results at a very affordable price and I personally came up with this formulation. Meet Dab.

We are going to be adding a little dab of this pretty much each time we spray. Time to spray your pre emergent? Add a little dab. Time to spray your fungicide? Throw a little dab in. 3-6oz of Dab will do ya. We are going to apply it monthly with Sanctuary. This is going to be a solid 1-2 punch along side your fertilizer.


10% Humic Acid

6% Molasses

Benefits of using Dab include:

-increased nutrient uptake

-increased root development

-increased stress tolerance

-better soil, better grass, decreased thatch layer

One of the greatest benefits of this is what it does to your roots. Better, stronger, thicker, deeper roots allow your lawn to withstand drought and heat much better, and with the combination of the humic acid and molasses in here we get:

-Bigger root mass from the molasses

-Deeper roots from the humic acid