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Please note: we have limited quantities of this and may run out quickly.

This is America’s lawn fertilizer. Made in America, for Americans, and their American lawns - For all grass types - from sea to shining sea. FREE limited edition sticker with every bag. (sticker pictured)

Thrower’ Down in FREEDOM and LIBERTY, hope for the best! Water FREEDOM in after application and results will appear 8-10 days later, peaking on days 10-16+.

The green shade FREEDOM brings is different from our other ferts. It’s not “forest green” and certainly not “lime green” - but it’s also not that “blue green” that many of you are accustomed to.

Instead, it’s FREEDOM Green. A green that is so deep and rich, it’s glory flows like fireworks against a night sky on the 4th of July.

This 45lb bag contains a 17-7-6 analysis plus micronutrients and is spiked with Bio-Nite to stimulate microbial activity in the soil. If you’ve been using standard “16-4-8” fertilizers and having good success, FREEDOM 17-7-6 makes a nice changeup in lawn diet.

*** Through July 4, 2021 - $.50 of every bag purchased will be donated to ***


Let’s explore:

FREEDOM 17-7-6


Freedom uses the same rates and spreader settings as all of our ferts which means it goes down at 3lbs/1,000. At that rate, an application of FREEDOM will bring you .51lbs/N/1000. This makes it the perfect fert for hot weather - it will not cause flushes of growth and won’t burn the lawn. 25% of the nitrogen is slow release.

We utilize Ammonium Sulphate as a portion of the nitrogen in the blend which brings along with it secondary nutrient sulfur. Sulfur is important because it’s essential to chlorophyll production and chlorophyll is what gives grass it’s base green color. The Ammonium Sulphate (AMS) is one of the keys to unlocking the FREEDOM green color this fert delivers.


In sticking with the 1776 theming, we decided to bring this one in at a logical 7% phosphorus. Phos encourages rooting which is important as we head into summer. At 7% it’s enough to give the root system a whif but not enough to cause your soil levels to spike. 


Finally we included 6% potassium in the mix which is excellent for aiding the lawn in stress. 

Red, White and Blue

You will notice in the mix the colors red, white and blue as well as a little yellow (tan) to represent fireworks. The charcoal black elements in the bag are the Bio-Nite that delivers the smell of success!

Chelated Iron

We also included a small amount of chelated iron in FREEDOM. Chelated (pronounced: kee-lated) means the iron source is immediately plant available. We included just a small amount which helps to deepen the green color overall but won’t push it to blue. (be sure to blow excess off sidewalks, chelated iron can stain concrete and brick work)


FREEDOM contains 2% magnesium. Magnesium is a micronutrient that is very important for the overall health of the grass plant, but it also directly contributes to the lawn’s color. As mentioned above, chlorophyll is the basis for a lawn’s green color and magnesium serves as the central atom of the chlorophyll molecule. In other words, Magnesium is the heart of the green color and without it, no other elements will work to their maximum efficiency.

Magnesium is usually only blended into micronutrient specialty liquid products but we wanted it included here to give you the FREEDOM to thrower' down granular.

Is This Required?

FREEDOM is not a required part of any of our programs. If you are using our app and working through the program there, no need to buy this.

FREEDOM is for those who like to exercise their liberty to change things up and have a little fun at the same time.

Seems like during patriotic holidays all the fashion companies release shirts of their brand with American flags on them. We figured we could do the same, but instead of a wrinkled T-shirt, you could get some fert and feed your lawn so that when all your friends come over for the holiday, they know they’ve been dominated.

Fertilizer doesn't have to be boring!


Shipping: United States Only. Price includes shipping. Currently NOT shipping to: (AK,HI). For CA,WA,OR,ID an additional shipping charge of $9.95/ea will be applied. Also, we can not ship to PO Boxes

Typically delivered in 4-7 business days.

Here's a note from Allyn:

I look at our fertilizer line the same way craft breweries look at their beer lineups.

Fertilizer and Craft Beer

Craft breweries will have what they call "year round" beers. Usually there are 4 or 5 of these in varied styles. Of those they will have their "Flagship" beer that is their biggest seller and best embodies what they stand for.  

Craft breweries also release "seasonals" and their customers look forward to their favorites. Seasonals are not "needed" or "required" but people sure do like them because they offer a little different flavor and style on the palate while still keeping the underpinnings of the brewer's approach to his liquids.

Some popular seasonals that most breweries release are summer ale/shandy and Octoberfest. I've also enjoyed the recent embracing of summer "Mexican Lagers" (Corona Clones) by many craft breweries around the country. They will even give you a lime to go with it!

Just 5 years ago fruit in beer was sacrilege! Good to see even the craft beer nerds can embrace new things.   

True craft beer geeks like me will drink all 4 of the year round beers and the seasonals and be able to taste the similar notes they all share. In other words, just because they are completely different beers, you can still taste certain notes that are apparent in all beers from that brewery. Usually this is due to the water they use, but there are also certain elements that brewers will put into all their beers to carry their fingerprints through to every finished product.

How Our Ferts Are Like Craft Beer

I have used this framework in developing our line of ferts of which we have 4 year round offerings:

Starter Fert

Stress Blend

Double Dark


Each of these fertilizers meets a different need or you may even say that each one caters to the differing "palates" of lawns across the country. Flagship is the primary fertilizer I recommend for all lawns. In spring and fall it's perfect to push cool season lawns to their peak of performance and in summer it bolsters stolons and rhizomes in warm season turf.

Stress blend is the other side of the coin and is used for cool season turf in summer and warm season turf in spring and fall.

Those two are spiked with micronutrients and make a great basic program for any lawn, anywhere.

The speciality ferts we carry are the Starter Fert and the Double Dark.

Total Year Round Ferts: 4

Similarities In Our Ferts

ALL of our year round offerings share similarities that make our ferts unique in the marketplace. The first being that we spike every bag with Bio-Nite ™ which is a natural additive that is the Florida version of Milorganite. This natural spike feeds microbes and adds carbon to the soil.

We also include micronutrient stacks in every fert and within there we take the iron up a notch to deliver visual blue-green color response in the turf.

You will not find these extras in most store bought ferts.

Seasonal Release Fert

So what if I wanted to release a "seasonal" fertilizer that our community members could have some some summer fun with? Something that is going to bring you a SUPER GREEN result, but that is also packed with some additional nutrients that could benefit the lawn and soil? And best off, let's make it great for summer heat, no burn bro, just pure freedom to sling!

On top of all that, what if I made the name and label something cool and shareable? Something that demonstrated domination in its purest form?  Would that be a seasonal you'd like to throw down?

That is what FREEDOM Fert is all about!

Thank you for supporting an American Small Business.