Irrigreen Digital Sprinklers

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Irrigreen is a revolutionary all-digital sprinkler system. Fewer, more efficient heads, accurately water to the exact shape of your lawn with out wasting water. Systems installed in 1/3 the time it takes to install a traditional irrigation system on average!

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The benefits of an Irrigreen system

-Fewer parts

-Less digging

-1/3 install time

-Average of 5 sprinklers vs 30-40 with a traditional system

-Average of 250 feet of pipe vs 1,500 feet with a traditional system

-1 wire


The biggest benefit to this system is the ability to water to the exact shape of your lawn! You can have up to 50 digital points per zone, giving you the ability to precisely water different shapes and configurations in your lawn. Never overspray or waste water again! 

 Watch the video below to see how to install this system as well as how the heads work!