Landzie Compost & Peat Moss Spreader

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Landzie Compost & Peat Moss Spreader is the original Landzie Spreader. This is an amazing tool to use when seeding, overseeding, or applying a topdressing of peat moss or compost over the lawn. 

  • Available in a 24" 36" and 44" model
  • Landzie Compost and Peat Moss Spreader is an easy to use, lawn roller that will help with any topdressing job.
  • This all steel topdressing roller can spread any compost, peat moss, or other fine ground topdressing material.
  • It has a mesh basket with diamond-shaped 1/2-inch by 3/4-inch openings. Breaks up clumpy materials as it tumbles, leaving behind any large, unwanted residual in the drum for disposal.
  • The hinged door swings open for easy access and has two low profile latches, so the gate won't open during use.
  • The 36" and 44" versions come equipped with a convertible push behind, or tow behind hitch handle and fit 1.5 or 2 bags of peat moss (over 7 cubic feet!)

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