Midnight 12-0-0 Liquid Fertilizer with 5% Chelated Iron 1 Gallon

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Liquid Iron. My favorite product to apply to my lawn. Visual results in just a few short days. This is another product that I have used the past several years and each time I am impressed by the results, but was not impressed as much with the price tag. So just like the DAB set out to put together my own liquid iron formulation and this is what I came up with. Meet Midnight.

12-0-0 Midnight

12:00 Midnight... get it? As in it’s DARK at midnight? Like the dark green lawn you’ll get from using this!

12% Nitrogen

5% Chelated Iron

1% Manganese

The nitrogen in here isn’t really to push growth or to be used as a primary fertilizer (unless you are running a low N program, which you could then use this for at a higher rate). Nitrogen will help aid in a greener color, which is a benefit, but the nitrogen in this product will also help the grass blades take in the iron much more effectively than iron alone. The manganese will also assist the iron in bringing a deeper green color, so it’s a win-win-win!

This can be applied really any time you want a deeper green color. I typically apply liquid iron every other month at a higher rate, but if you’re feeling froggy you can apply it monthly. Recommended application rates are 6-9oz per 1,000 but you could go up to 15oz if you’re REALLY feeling it. I would not go any higher than that though. To make it simple, you could apply 6oz of the Dab and 6oz of the Midnight, just to keep the numbers the same.

For best results:

Apply in the evening to a dry lawn and allow to dry on the grass over night

Water your lawn as normal the next morning

Wait 48-72 hours for results to show (you will see results within a few hours, but best results about 2-3 days after applying)

Enjoy that Midnight green lawn!!

Apply with Sanctuary for even better results